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Children's Activities

Cookie Minyan

Cookie Minyan, for our youngest members, meets on the lower floor of the Bayit at 10:30am on most Shabbatot. It is geared toward 0-3 year olds and includes, songs, stories, games and free play time. Of course, there is also a cookie at the end for all participants!

Middle Minyan & Shabbat Club

Middle Minyan (ages 3-6) and Shabbat Club (ages 7 and above), also take place most Shabbatot, in the Bayit. These groups are "junior congregations" that focus on prayer skills and the weekly Torah portion. The programs begin at 10:30am. 

Shabbat Club is the stepping stone bridging learning prayers and being able to daven in the main minyan. It meets on the second floor of the Bayit. After reciting the Shacharit service, Shabbat Club and Middle Minyan join together to read and act out the parsha, learn about a holiday, or ask the Rabbi questions.

For more information on children's activities, email our children's programming coordinators.

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