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Kesher Israel is the only shul in downtown DC that offers minyan 365 days a year. We have weekday Shacharit and Ma'ariv services year-round and weekday Mincha during Daylight Savings Time. Click here for our complete calendar.

On Shabbat, in addition to a traditional Friday-night service, we also offer a Carlebach service. On Shabbat morning, we have a hashkama service which meets at 7:30am, and a main service at 9am in the Main Sanctuary. The community and our visitors are invited to seudah shlishit after mincha on Shabbat afternoons.

On the Shabbat closest to Rosh Chodesh, the Alper Memorial Women's Rosh Chodesh Tfillah/Study Group holds its monthly meeting. This special women's mincha service is held in the Bayit (adjacent to shul building). For more information, please email the group coordinators.

If you are interested in leading any other part of the service, or would like an aliyah, please email the gabbaim.

Daily Minyan

Kesher Israel has minyanim daily all year round. For a year-round schedule, refer to our calendar, but here is a general guide:

  • Shacharit Monday-Friday: 7:15 am
  • Shacharit Sunday and Federal Holidays: 8:00 am
  • Shacharit Rosh Chodesh or Chol HaMoed: 7:05 am
  • Mincha/Ma'ariv Sunday-Thursday (during EDT): 15-20 minutes prior to shkiah.
  • Ma'ariv Monday -Thursday (during EST): 7:00 pm
  • Mincha/Ma'ariv Sunday (during EST) 15 - 20 minutes prior to shkiah.

Kesher Israel does not have a Mincḥa minyan during the winter months. Several Mincha minyanim meet around the downtown area during this part of the year. Check out GoDaven for more information.

Sat, September 22 2018 13 Tishrei 5779