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High Holiday Calendar 2017/Tishrei 5778

Kesher Israel has a lot going on throughout the High Holiday season for 2017.  In addition to all of the holiday services, we have educational, social, and youth programs. 

Here is our full, one-stop calendar for services at Kesher Israel throughout the High Holiday season.

Selichot - Saturday night, September 16

11:30pm  Pre-Selichot Shiur with Rabbi Hyim Shafner
1:00am Selichot


Sunday, September 17

8:00am  Shacharit
6:55pm Mincha/Maariv


Monday-Tuesday, September 18-19

6:50am  Selichot
7:15am Shacharit
6:55pm Mincha/Maariv


Erev Rosh Hashanah - Wednesday, September 20

6:00am Selichot
7:15am Shacharit
6:50pm Mincha
6:51pm Candle Lighting 
  Eruv Tavshilin
7:25pm Maariv


Rosh Hashanah Day 1 - Thursday, September 21

8:00am   Shacharit
5:00pm Tashlich
6:45pm Mincha
7:30pm Maariv
7:49pm Candle Lighting


Rosh Hashanah Day 2 - Friday, September 22

8:00am Shacharit
6:45pm Mincha/Maariv
6:48pm Candle Lighting


Shabbat Shuva - Shabbat, September 23

7:30am     Shacharit (Hashkama)
9:00am Shacharit 
5:20pm Shabbat Shuva Drasha with Rabbi Hyim Shafner
6:25pm Mincha
7:48pm Havdalah


Fast of Gedalia - Sunday, September 24

5:45am  Fast Begins
8:00am Selichot and Shacharit
6:30pm Mincha/Maariv
7:37pm Fast Ends


Monday-Thursday, September 25-28

6:45am  Selichot
7:15am Shacharit
6:40pm Mincha/Maariv

Erev Yom Kippur - Friday, September 29

7:05am     Selichot
7:15am Shacharit
2:30pm Early Mincha
6:20pm Mincha
6:35pm Kol Nidre
6:36pm Candle Lighting


Yom Kippur - Shabbat, September 30

8:30am       Shacharit (both minyanim)
5:05pm Mincha
6:15pm Neilah
7:37pm Havdalah
7:38pm Maariv


Erev Sukkot - Wednesday, October 4

7:15am  Shacharit
6:25pm Mincha/Maariv
6:29pm Candle Lighting
  Eruv Tavshilin


Sukkot Day 1 - Thursday, October 5

7:30am      Shacharit (Hashkama)
9:00am Shacharit 
6:25pm Mincha/Maariv
7:27pm Candle Lighting


Sukkot Day 2 - Friday, October 6

7:30am      Shacharit (Hashkama)
9:00am Shacharit
6:25pm Mincha/Maariv
6:26pm Candle Lighting


Shabbat Chol Hamoed Sukkot - October 7

7:30am  Shacharit (Hashkama)
9:00am Shacharit 
4:00pm Kesher Kids Sukkah Hop
6:05pm Mincha
7:26pm Havdalah


Chol Hamoed Sukkot - Sunday, October 8

8:00am Shacharit
6:20pm Mincha/Maariv


Chol Hamoed Sukkot - Monday-Tuesday, October 9-10

7:05am Shacharit
6:20pm Mincha/Maariv


Hoshanah Rabbah - Wednesday, October 11

6:30am Shacharit
6:18pm Candle Lighting  
  Eruv Tavshilin
6:20pm Mincha/Maariv


Shmini Atzeret - Thursday, October 12

7:30am Shacharit (Hashkama)
9:00am Shacharit
6:15pm Mincha
7:16pm Candle Lighting
  Children's Hakafot to follow
  Regular Hakafot to follow


Simchat Torah - Friday, October 13

7:00am Shacharit (Hashkama)
9:00am Shacharit
6:10pm Mincha/Maariv
6:15pm Candle Lighting


Fri, June 22 2018 9 Tammuz 5778