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Kosher Restaurants in DC

  1. Char-Bar, 2142 L Street, NW, 202-785-4314
  2. Brooklyn Sandwich Co., kosher food truck, locations vary daily.
  3. Soupergirl, 1829 M Street, NW, 202-733-4401

4. Check the Rabbinical Council of Washington website for a complete list of DC Metro area kosher eateries.

Purchase Kosher Food in DC

You'll find a variety of kosher shelf products and more at these local markets:

Trader Joe's (1101 25th St NW) - Empire chicken, kosher wines, cheese, challahs, cakes, and more.

Whole Foods (2201 I St NW) - Kosher Valley chicken, kosher wines, cheese, and more.

Safeway (1855 Wisconsin Ave NW) - Empire chicken/turkey, Kosher beef, wide cheese selection, deli meat, kosher wines, and more.


Kesher Israel operates a keilim mikvah, located on 28th Street. Call the office (202-333-2337) for more information. 

The National Capital Mikvah is located at 1308 28th Street, NW. For more information, please visit the NCM website or email The NCM is not affiliated with Kesher Israel.

Sun, April 22 2018 7 Iyyar 5778