Shavuot 2016/5776

Shavuot 2016/5776

Welcome to Shavuot at Kesher Israel!

This is going to be a great Chag at Kesher.  We've got new speakers and different topics!  We're thrilled that Rabbi Avidan Milevsky and his family will be joining us as well as Yitz Sprung and his family.It will be an inspiring few days, and we'd love to see you at Kesher.

Schedule: Be In The Know

Friday, June 10  
Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat 7:15pm
Candlelighting 8:15pm
Shabbat, June 11  
Hashkama Minyan (Drasha by Yitz Sprung) 7:30am
Main Minyan (Drasha by Yitz Sprung) 9:00am
Mincha 8:15pm
Class by Rabbi Milevsky 8:30pm
Maariv 9:16pm
Candlelighting 9:16pm
Tikkun Leyl Shavuot 11:30pm
Sunday, June 12  
Neitz Shacharit 5:13am
Main Minyan (People's Pulpit by Esther Baruh) 9:00am
Tikkun Yom Shavuot 5:00pm
Mincha (Dvar Torah by Yishai Schwartz) 8:15pm
Maariv 8:45pm
Candlelighting 9:16pm
Monday, June 13  
Hashkama Minyan (Drasha by Rabbi Milevsky) 7:30am
Main Minyan (Drasha by Rabbi Milevsky) 9:00am
Megillat Rut * Yizkor  
Kesher Kids Sprinkle Shavuot Celebration 11:15am
Afternoon class by Yitz Sprung 7:15pm
Mincha 8:15pm
Neilat HaChag/Kumsitz  
Havdalah 9:19pm


Pre-Shavuot Shabbat Lunch!

Does the idea of cooking for a 3-day chag have you down? Then let Kesher do the cooking for one of the meals for you! Join us for Shabbat lunch on June 11.

Reservations required prior to noon, Tuesday, June 7.  $15 member; $18 non-member.

Midnight Snacks and Kiddush

Contribute to Special midnight snacks for the Tikkun or for kiddush after minyan on Sunday and Monday mornings!


Saturday Night, June 11, 2016 • Tikkun Leil Shavuot 

The Tikkun Leil Shavuot is a beloved program at Kesher Israel.  We have great speakers addressing interesting topics.   And food to keep you going all night long!  End off a great night of learning with our "early early minyan" at 5:13 a.m. Each of the Shiurim will be 45-60 minutes followed by a break for food. 

11:30 p.m.  Leon Wieseltier will speak on TBD

12:45 a.m.  Mitzi Steiner will speak on Seraphim and Sinai: Exploring Communal and Individual Revelation 

2:00 a.m.    Rabbi Avidan Milevsky will speak on Lapid, haredim, and work: Understanding the mitzvah of Torah learning

3:15 a.m.    Yitz Sprung will speak on Do You Believe in Miracles?: Approaches to Miracles in Jewish Thought

4:30 a.m.     Andrew Jakabovics will speak on Exploring the Individual and Communal in the Covenant(s) at Sinai

Tikkun Yom Shavuot for Children and Adults

On Sunday, June 12  from 5-6pm Children from Grade 2 and Up &  Adults are invited to join Shifra Kaufman Chelst for a Tikkun Yom Shavuot Chevruta Learning and Ice Cream! 

Kesher Kids Sprinkle Shavuot Celebration

On Monday, June 13  at 11:15 am in the Bayit, come and and listen to Shavuot stories and decorate delicious "torahs" with frosting and sprinkles!
Sat, 29 April 2017 3 Iyyar 5777