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About Us

Kesher Israel Congregation is a vibrant and historic Modern Orthodox community that integrates halakhic Judaism and contemporary life in the nation’s capital. It is a full-service synagogue that provides a rich spiritual and intellectual environment where members can attend daily services, participate in educational and social programs, engage in charitable works, and observe life-cycle events. At Kesher Israel, warmth and hospitality are cherished, and people of all ages, genders, and religious backgrounds are welcomed and respected.

Our Values

The Hebrew word Kesher (קשר) means connection, and the core values of Kesher Israel may be described as a series of ties and bonds.  These are our kesharim:  

Kesher Torah קשר תורה.  We believe that the study of Torah, including the riches of the Jewish intellectual tradition, will bring us closer to our spirituality, faith, and observance.  We view halakhic Judaism as an eternal guide that equips us to confront and embrace potential tensions between full engagement in the modern world and continued adherence to our religious heritage and beliefs.

Kesher Achdut קשר אחדות.  We value inclusiveness, and we encourage the participation of men, women, and children in our religious and communal life, in the conviction that we are all equal before our Creator.  We insist on kindness and respect towards others, regardless of viewpoint or background.    

Kesher Reut קשר רעות.  We cultivate friendship and solidarity by building relationships within our membership, the larger Jewish community in Washington, and beyond.  We open our shul to guests and new members, and help them take part in our community, whether for a weekend or a lifetime.  

Kesher Chesed קשר חסד.  We provide a support network to members of our community, and we seek out opportunities for social service.

Kesher Yisrael קשר ישראל  . We are deeply connected to the State of Israel, and pray for her peace, safety, and prosperity, along with that of all of Klal Yisrael. 

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyyar 5784