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Kesher Board of Directors and Lay Leadership

The Board of Directors is comprised of three trustees, who are entrusted with the disposition of the physical assets of the organization, seven officers who are chartered in their duties by the bylaws, and six directors who serve to provide community representation and input to the ongoing shul direction. 

To contact the Board, please email the Corresponding Secretary at, and your concerns will be forwarded to the appropriate Board members.

The current Board's term is July 2020 through June 2022, and is comprised of:

Judah Rose


Aaron Tessler

1st Vice President


Shari Diamond

2nd Vice President


Jason Kardon



Sam Baer

Financial Secretary


Moriah Gendelman

Corresponding Secretary


Marilyn Levi

Recording Secretary


Robbie Shorr

Director, Education


Bracha Reznik
Director, Ritual


Sophie Felder

Director, Social


David Plotinsky
Director at Large


Emil Hirsch

Director at Large


Director at Large


Our Past Presidents and Trustees

Our Trustees include:

M. Lindsay Kaplan


Mark Mellman


Michael Sherman

Kesher's past presidents include:

Andrew Cooper
Alfred Altschul 

Additional Resources

Kesher Israel Congregation By-Laws

Detailed Descriptions of Board Position Expectations and Responsibilities

Past Board Meeting Minutes Archive

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