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Pesach 2020 at Kesher Israel

Pre-Pesach Food Drive with Capitol Kosher Pantry

In lieu of our annual Chametz Drive, we will be partnering with Capitol Kosher Pantry and Yad Yehuda to provide necessary items for Pesach for families in need. Please find the shopping list of Kosher for Passover items here.

Food Ordering and Delivery

While we will not be able to host our community seder this year, we are fortunate that our local vendors have stepped up to ensure EVERYONE is able to obtain whatever Shelf Goods or Prepared foods needed for Pesach.

1) Char Bar is offering a full catering menu, including seder to go boxes. The menu can be found here. Please contact Michael Chelst to order or if you have financial concerns. 

2) Shalom Kosher will be accepting online orders and delivering directly to individual homes in downtown DC. Please order prepared foods here by 3/25/2020. Other store items can be ordered here

3) Motis Market is also accepting online orders for delivery to DC, found here. Other store items can be ordered here.

Maot Chittim

If one is concerned about their ability to afford Pesach foods, please contact Rabbi Shafner for assistance.

Maot Chittim donations can be contributed online or called into the office.

Mechirat Chametz (Sale of Chametz)

Rabbi Shafner will be coordinating the sale of chametz for Kesher Israel this year.

All Kesher Israel chometz sales will be conducted online.

Though in other years it may be preferable to appoint Rabbi Shafner in person, your online agency is fully acceptable halachically. Please click here to fill out the online form. That is all that is required.

The online form must be completed by Sunday April 5th!  

Please wait an hour after the end of the holiday to use your chametz.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to be in touch with Rabbi Shafner.  

Bi'ur Chametz (burning of Chametz)

This year due to limits on gathering we will not have a communal chametz burning.  Instead, be sure the 10 pieces of chametz you use for the search are small.  On Wednesday morning (erev chag), in place of burning chametz, flush these pieces down the toilet (carefully so you don’t clog anything). Any chametz that is left in your possession that you are not selling should be disposed of in the trash outside of your home, or if you have your own trash cans, be sure the chametz is below other garbage.  Remember to recite the traditional bitul nullification of chametz like every year.  

Pesach Halachot, Reference & Reading Material, and Kashrut Information

Pesach Times

Tuesday, April 7 After 8:30 PM Bedikat Chametz
Wednesday, April 8 8:00 AM Zoom Siyum, click HERE
Erev Pesach 11:00 AM Finish eating chametz
  12:05 PM Final time for burning chametz
    Remember to make an eruv tavshilin!
  7:21 PM Candle Lighting
  After 8:21 PM Kiddish at Seder can begin 
Thursday, April 9 8:21 PM Candle Lighting & earliest time to prepare and start seder    
1st day of Pesach   Remember to count the omer!
Friday, April 10 7:23 PM Candle Lighting
2nd day of Pesach   First day of the Omer
Shabbat, April 11   Second day of the Omer
Chol HaMoed 8:24 PM Havdalah
Sunday, April 12   Third day of the Omer
Chol HaMoed    
Monday, April 13   Fourth day of the Omer
Chol HaMoed    
Tuesday, April 14   Fifth day of the Omer
Chol HaMoed 7:27 PM Candle Lighting
Wednesday, April 15   Sixth day of the Omer
7th day of Pesach 8:27 PM Candle Lighting & earliest time to prepare
Thursday, April 16   Seventh day of the Omer
  *Yizkor* Yikzor can be said at home individually and does not
8th day of Pesach   require a minyan. Please remember to give tzedakah
    for Yizkor before or after chag
  8:29 PM Havdalah
Fri, January 22 2021 9 Shevat 5781